Whats the difference between a traditional real estate company and you?

The basic differences between a traditional real estate company is what we charge for the same MLS Listing Service.  We charge a Flat Listing Fee instead of a % of the sale to LIST your property.

The other major difference is you retain your 'by owner' status and reserve the rights to show, sell and advertise your property yourself.  If you sell your property to a buyer not working with an agent you pay  NO COMMISSION !   You now have total control in the sale of your home, which is lost when you list with a traditional realtor.

How long does it take for our MLS listing to appear on the MLS & Realtor.com

Once we receive the MLS paperwork from you we will upload the listing into the MLS the same day, provided we receive the paperwork by 2PM (M-F), if the paperwork comes in after the 2PM cutoff we will enter your listing in the system the next business day.   Agents will have access to your property information immediately.  REALTOR.com and all the other public access web sites feed directly off the MLS your listing will appear on these public MLS access sites within 24-72 hrs.

Who handles the negotiation with the flat fee service?

If you choose to represent yourself for the flat fee; you will negotiate the offer directly with the buyer or buyer's agent.  We are available to answer general questions that you may have about the contract at no additional charge.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs.  You pay us the flat listing fee at the time of listing.  At closing, you pay the realtor who procured a buyer the percentage you specified in the listing contract.  If you sell your property yourself, without the help of a realtor, you do not owe any commission. 

Can we sell our home ourselves?

Yes! Unlike traditional real estate you retain your 'by owner' status.  You reserve the right to show, sell and advertise their property yourself.  If you sell your property to a buyer not working with an agent you pay NO COMMISSION!